The Tally-Ho Open Reed Call by Tal Lockwood, is one of the favorite all-around calls used by Beastmaster Gerry Blair.  Red or Green - Please Specify.  $6.95 ea./includes extra reed and block

Beastmaster Gerry Blair and Raymond Branch of Predator Pro Products, on another successful calling stand in the prairies of Northeast Arizona.


These calls have been time tested throughout the years, virtually all through the East and West.  Founded by brothers Winston and Murray Burnham, now the tradition is continued with owner/operator Gary Roberson, who also hand tunes each call before it is packaged.

BM-1 BLACK MAGIC PREDATOR CALL   This call does what it says...Works Magic! Imitates the low tones of a jackrabbit or fawn. Has a replaceable reed for years of trouble-free service.



This is the call that I grew up on. This long range cottontail distress sound is extremely effective for calling any critter that feeds on cottontail rabbits. The reed will last for years, and is replaceable.

I love the rich sound generated by a wooden call, and so do the critters! This handsome walnut call has a double reed to deliver the extra volume and distress needed when calling long ranges. This call is a killer on coyote and bobcat.

A super high-pitched close range call that predators cannot resist. It is particularly effective for luring call-shy predators extra close. Can be used hands free. 

This bird in distress call was developed specifically by Burnham Brothers for calling raccoons. Made of unbreakable Tenite.

Variable pitch, lightweight, hands free. Absolutely the best call Gary has ever used for coyote and bobcat. The call used by most professional caller today. 

Rugged tenite plastic construction. Guaranteed to dupe even the slyest crow. Adjustable tone. No hands needed to manipulate the call. Simply hold in mouth and leave both hands free for shooting. 

All photos of Burnham Bros. Products, taken from Burnham Bros. Catalog


Coyote - Wolf - Fox - Bobcat - Mountain Lion

These custom calls give you the edge on the competition.  Proven in the harshest of conditions, made by a hunter for hunters. Custom made of top quality wood for a pure natural tone and pitch.

The Red Desert Howler - Used for all coyote vocalizations. One of the most Popular Howlers on the market today.  - $29.95 ea.



    Innovators in the game call business for over 40 years.  The Cain family, who owns and operates Modern Call Products, has a long history of call making, dating back to 1958.  Their personal and professional behavior is governed by three basic principles:

1.  Do what is right.

2.  Do the best job you can do.

3.  Treat others like you would like to be treated.

    These calls truly are modern in their high impact plastic, unique feel, quality reeds and their consistent natural sound.  Great calls to use late in the season or in heavily called areas, offering a new natural sound. 

#113-MC Jack Rabbit Predator Call - This versatile body design delivers loud raspy and aggressive calling.  Good for mountain lion, bear and coyote.  $13.50 ea.

#114-MC - Cottontail Predator Call - Guaranteed to be loud natural and high pitched.  This versatile body design will bring in the call shy foxes and cats!  $13.50 ea.

#115-MC - The Squealer - Great for close in calling, with a high pitched rodent sound for attracting the circling predator that may be in an unfavorable position.  $13.50 ea.



    #116-MC  The Coyote Thriller/Howler - This Thriller is designed to yip, bark, growl and howl.  The smaller Mylar Reed voice requires less effort than conventional howlers  and accurately produces the various vocalizations made by the coyote.  Also can be used like a conventional cottontail call by removing the sound tube.  $13.50 ea.

#120-MC  Cub Bear Brawler

     This call accurately imitates the cries and whimpers of the cub bear, generating aggressive behavior in both male and female bears.  BEAR HUNTERS USE EXTREME CAUTION, as this call really works, and if a bear is in the area, it will be coming at you!       $13.50 ea.

Bantam Predator Calls 

    These versatile pocket sized calls pack a thunderous punch with their precision tuned stainless reeds and and high impact plastic.  Guaranteed to be natural sounding, loud and raspy.  Sold individually or in three packs.  Great for the beginning or novice caller.  Also a good sound to use as a "change-up" for the pro.

#101-MC  Jackrabbit#                103-MC Squealer

#102-MC Cottontail

$11.00 ea.

#108-MC  Three Pack - $26.95

#109-MC Two Call Kit - Features the #101-MC Jackrabbit and #102-MC Cottontail.  Includes lanyard and well priced.   -   $19.95 ea.

#104-MC  The Fox Call - This pocket size call has all the features of other Bantam Calls.  The unique high pitched voice has a sound that is irresistible to both red and gray fox.  Also very effective for other predators!  -  $11.00

#106-MC  Raccoon Squaller -  This call is precision tuned to guarantee a loud and raspy sound.  A different voice for those call shy critters!

$10.95 ea.

Reed Replacement Kits - These voice replacement kits include four (4) reeds and a plunger tool.    $10.95 per kit.

#610-MC  Jackrabbit Voice Kit  #603-MC  Squealer Voice Kit

#602-MC Cottontail Voice Kit

#604-MC  Coon Squaller Kit      #605-MC  Fox Voice kit

#607- MC  Bear Voice Kit


Here's a great way to hold onto those open reed calls that don't have a lanyard ring.  Simply drill a hole on the bottom barrel end and tie a bowline knot.  Quit losing those calls!!!  Our Combo Series lanyards are great for this.



This is the world famous line of calls by Dr. Major Boddicker of Rocky Mountain Wildlife products.  Quite possibly the most versatile open reed calls on the market.  The tough plastic material used for CRIT'R-CALLS is selected for the crisp sound quality it produces, making animal sounds as good as the animals that make them! 

These calls come with two extra reeds, extra block and "O" ring.  They are all neatly blistered package with a 16 page instruction booklet included.   Comes in Olive green or Hunter Orange... Please Specify.  

#CRC-ST The Standard  This the all around call of the Major and is a favorite among many champion callers.  Calls in all predators as well as elk and deer.  Price:  $10.00 ea.

#CRC-PW The Pee Wee  is designed to make those higher pitched squeaks and squalls.  Can be used as a coaxer.  Easy to blow and is a great call.  Price:  $8.75 ea.


#CRC-MG The Magnum  is big, loud, and tough!   Made for calling in the wind, heavy timber, and places where sound needs to go.  Easy to use for maximum volume and very versatile in the sounds it makes.  Buckskin color only.  Price:  $12.50

#CRC-SD The Song Dog was designed to make coyote vocalizations.  Makes great lone and group howls, whines, whimpers, Ki-Yi's, barks and all combinations of coyote talk.  Comes with five extra reeds, three reed blocks, two reed bands, and extensions, including a 54 page instruction booklet.  Price:  $18.50

Song Dog Jr.  #CRC-SDJR - The newest pup in the Crit'R Call line.  Smaller than the regular Song Dog making it handy to carry.  This call produces all the coyote vocalizations of its bigger counterpart.  Instruction booklet included.  Price:  $12.00

Zepp's Calls - Manufactured and field tested in all parts of the country by predator calling enthusiast Mark Zepp.  As featured in the video/DVD " Callin' Coyotes" also available at Predator Pro Products.

#MZ-1080 - This is an effective open reed call packaged with two different reeds.  The narrower reed is for cottontail and coyote vocalizations.  The wider reed is for raspier deeper sounds.  Can be used with both reeds stacked. Price: $12.00 #MZ-RTLR  Rattler - The pride and joy of Mark Zepp.  This call is machined aluminum with double reeds that will last a lifetime.  Reputably the loudest closed reed call on the market, producing unique rabbit screams and squalls.  Price: $24.95 #MZ-M 44 - This is a plastic. closed reed call which is very easy to use. Produces excellent rabbit squalls for calling coyotes, bobcats and fox.  Price:  $12.00



Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this page provided by Mike Blair and are copyrighted 2004.

Photo by : Sterling Myers

Josh "Tree" Timm of Robert Lee, TX after a successful night of calling.  Josh calls electronically backing up his calling with the Arizona Predator Call Mini-Cottontail and Coaxer, along with the versatile Tally-Ho from Predator Pro Products.