2009 INFR World Champion Bullrider, LAREN DALEY::
INFR 2009, Indian National Finals Rodeo, Las Vegas, NV:

Congratulations to Laren Daley of Whiteriver, Arizona, White Mountain Apache for winning his first All-Indian World Champion Bullriding title!

Laren is 17 years old and is the first competitor to cover all his bulls at the I.N.F.R. He has a great future ahead of him and our hats are off to this young man for sponsoring a Thanksgiving dinner (2009) for the homeless of the White Mountain Apache reservation. This shows a lot of foresight, integrity, compassion, and gratitude. He is a credit to his community, the White Mountain Apache Tribe!

Laren rides with a 9/7 Plait, Half-Laced Handle custom braided by Raymond Branch, Professional Quality Bullropes.

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Raymond Branch, Custom Braider
P.O. Box 876    Winslow, AZ 86047

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