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Braiding a Rope

I decided to put this sequence on my website, just for the fact that many times clients ask me for a rush order, or expect a rope to be braided overnight. I trust this sequence will show how labor intensive it is to braid a bullrope. So in all fairness, not only to myself, but to other bullrope braiders, you can see why we cannot just “slam-out” a rope ahead of time. That is why I go in order of deposit received. THOUGH ALWAYS CHECK, FOR AT TIMES I DO HAVE SOME ROPES IN STOCK. REMEMBER I do all my own work, when you order a rope from me, you receive a Bullrope, Custom-Braided to your specifications. I do this to earn my living. IF I AM NOT BRAIDING I AM NOT PAYING MY BILLS!

Measuring and laying out the rope.

Rope comes off 600 ft spool.

Unwinding the rope to tie the Rosebud. Each individual strand must be unwound and cured.
Block and handles are braided adding or dropping strands depending on bull riders preference.
The leather is run through each braid in the block and handle.
Handles are connected, the strands dropped out to begin wearstrip with nylon. The tail is braided and rope is finished.

All through the braiding process each individual strand that has been unwound is rebraided, and pulled by hand. This is a very physically demanding and labor intensive process!


I do conduct personal bullrope braiding instructions through private treaty only. If interested please contact me at: 928-289-9611

Serious inquiries only, please!

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