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PQB Champions

Since I’ve been braiding for over thirty years, the users of my ropes have accomplished much success in the world of bullriding. Through the years, past and present, the bullriders using my ropes reads like a “Who’s Who” of the NFR and PBR. I do not use names because of the big endorsement fees in today’s sports world. Though the 2000 PRCA World Champion Bullrider, Cody Hancock, who has been using my ropes for years, has graciously consented to lend me use of his name, quote and photo on my web site!

In 1986 the PRCA World Champion set the record for the most money won in a single year using my ropes. This record stood for six years until the 1992 World Champion broke the record using my ropes, he also set the record for the highest marked ride (at that time) for the NFR in the Las Vegas Arena, scoring 94 points at the 1991 NFR.

In 2001, the 2000 World Champion Bullrider Cody Hancock reset the record of the highest mark ride of the NFR with 96 points using my rope. At present, the record still stands.

Champions using Professional Quality Bullropes:

1986 PRCA World Champion Bullrope

1992 PRCA World Champion Bullrope

Here’s a recap of just some of P.Q.B.’s accomplishments:
  • 2001 – 96 POINT NFR RECORD
  • 1992 PRCA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Reset Most Money Won in a Single Season
  • 1991 – 94 points NFR record
  • 1986 PRCA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Set Most Money Won in a Single Season (at that time)
  • 1982 PRCA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – My first World Champion Bulllrope
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